A downloadable game for Windows

Recommended GPU GTX1080. If you're having framerate issues, here is a low quality settings build: https://metagrafox.itch.io/metaphor-alpha 
I will remove the alpha build page once the MEGA JAM results are finalized since you cannot update games during judging, and update this build with a settings menu build.

Take control of Meta and fight the evil that has plagued the Earth. She is a Mars citizen who has come down to Earth to help fix it's issue. Fight through three waves of enemies plus a boss fight. Unlock the ending cinematic once you beat the boss.

Meta has four abilities:

Shift - Dash
LMB - Basic Attack
RMB - Boomerang
R - Tornado Spin 

My plan is to add more playable characters [and not just humans] with unique abilities and play styles. I also want to add co-op, VR mode, and eventually when the game is in a good spot, add PVP.

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Install instructions

Download, unzip, and run METAPHOR.exe